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Everything You Ought To Know About Car Donations Program For Low Income Families

car donation for low income family

It is not possible for everyone to purchase a reliable automobile despite the fact that a vehicle is no longer considered to be a luxury these days. Many individuals are unable to generate adequate cash at present and for them, it is really challenging to buy the car as well as maintain it. Although leasing can prove to be useful in these situations, most of them are not able to bear its cost. Single parents, in particular, will find it extremely difficult to shell out their hard earned money for purchasing the vehicle.

Sometimes you might need to travel a long distance in order to appear for an interview or some other important purpose. However, there is no need to be concerned since you will come across quite a few programs that are intended to assist the individuals having a low income to acquire vehicles at an affordable cost. Although one has to fulfill certain requirements so as to be eligible for receiving these incentives, this has really transformed the lives of many folks significantly.

Who is going to be eligible for these donated vehicles?


It is the donor organization which will decide on what qualifications will be required for receiving these donated automobiles. In any case, one has to fall in the category of “low-income” groups as defined by the federal government in order to take advantage of these lucrative gifts. This definition of low-income is going to vary from state to state or even from country to country and in most cases, the income must be at least 150% less than the average income in a particular area.

What can be expected from the application procedure?

The organizations are going to decide on the application procedure and usually, this consumes several weeks or maybe more. In fact, you are not the only one who is applying for the donations and the majority of these organizations make use of a small staff that will be authenticating your details.

After you have received the validation on the application, the organization can be expected to visit your residence for verifying your identification as well as your qualifications for being eligible to receive the donated car. Once you receive the car donation, several follow-ups will usually take place along with transitional services which will confirm that you fully comprehend the ownership responsibilities. The subsequent information can be expected from you on most of the applications:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Present employment
  • Educational background
  • Employment history
  • Driving record
  • Any criminal background
  • Drug abuse history
  • Insurability
  • Income level
  • Driver’s license

Are there any restrictions?

The small numbers of restrictions that can be applied in this case include the following:

1. Your present income falls below a specific income level

2. You have got a job for supporting maintenance as well as insurance payments.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to maintain an active profile on the website of the organization when it comes to Free Charity Cars so that you’re able to fulfill the required criteria for receiving a grant.

You will be capable o qualifying provided you do have a valid driver’s license as well as a clean driving record. The donor organization will also verify your criminal background. Moreover, it will not be feasible to qualify for the donation in case there is any record of drug abuse or alcoholism against you which has led to potentially dangerous driving.

What is going to happen in case I do receive a donated vehicle?

After obtaining the donation, in most cases, you are going to own the car officially. However, not every person is going to have the same responsibility after receiving the car. You’ll be paid by certain organizations for the cost of maintenance although up to a certain limit. The other organizations might entail you to have a secure job and likewise to pay for the maintenance charges on a regular basis which can include oil changes, gas changes, insurance, and repairs and so on.

You can always apply for assistance or grants from the organizations in case you are unable to bear the cost of maintaining the vehicle. This will help you significantly for paying your bills.

Which particular organizations offer donated automobiles?


It is possible to come across at least one non-profit company which is known for car donation in your locality. Otherwise, there might also be quite a few local charities in your state or city. It will be a smart idea to check out the site Aunt Bertha where you can easily search for any local charity based on any particular service provided by them, for example, transportation assistance.

car donation for low incom familly and kids

Which organizations provide donated cars?

You will likely find at least one non-profit organization that donates cars somewhere in your area. The following list of nonprofits operate solely as donation services or have a vehicle donation service as part of the services they offer:

Vehicles for Change (serving Maryland, Virginia and Michigan)
1-800-Charity Cars
With Causes Charitable Network
Modest Needs
Free Charity Cars (operated by 1-800-Charity Cars)
Good News Garage (serving New England states)