Wells Fargo, a known bank across the United States, would once in a while extend offers to their current and new customers. In the present, the bank is offering $250 checking account bonuses to people who faithfully complied certain requirements before the deadline. However, in order to give their clients ample time to qualify for the bonuses that they would provide, they would sometimes extend the given deadlines. This bonus is particularly available for the newly opened bank accounts for a checking account called the “Everyday Checking” account. This bonus is available nationwide and at all of their current locations.

Current Exclusions

To be able to receive bonuses, the customers of Wells Fargo have to open an Everyday checking account prior to the expiration of the promotional period. Additionally, the promotion has some exclusions where there are specified individuals who cannot get the offer, and these are:

    • All current Wells Fargo customers who have consumer checking accounts are excluded.
    • No Wells Fargo team members or employees are able to receive this bonus offer.
    • If you have already received a consumer bonus on a new checking account within the last year, you will not be able to qualify for another bonus for a new checking account again.

How To Find Wells Fargo Bank Bonuses

There are a number of ways that would enable you to find out the time when these bonuses would be offered. There are instances where you may see their advertisement on the TV or in newspapers. Aside from this, a regular research over the internet would help you find out if there are any bonuses that you could sign up for. Doing your own research online is still the best method to find out the requirements that you will need in order to qualify for any particular offer that is in the promotion.

$250 Bonus Requirements

In order to get a bonus of $250 from this promotion, there are a few requirements that a new checking account customer must satisfy. The first thing required is that a customer needs to open the new “Everyday Checking” account by accessing the online promotion page on Wells Fargo Website. Putting down a deposit of at least $25 would also be required before the end of the day on the last day of the promotion.

In addition to this, the customers should also have at least ten debit credit card payments or purchases within two months or 60 days within the time the account was opened. If that is not an option that you are considering, you may opt to place $500 instead, by using the Direct Deposit option into the newly opened checking account. Upon compliance with all of this requirement, the $250 bonus will automatically be deposited into your new Everyday Checking account within 45 days to be counted from the date the requirements of the bonus offer has been satisfied.

Everyday Checking Account Information

To open an Everyday Checking account, a small deposit of at least $25 is needed and a monthly service fee of $10 every month would be required for this account. However, the $10 fee can be waived each month as long as the account would maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,599 or a minimum of at least ten debit card purchases or payments each month. The fee may also be waived in case a minimum of $500 in direct deposit would be added to the account every month.


The bonus of $250 for opening a new Everyday Checking account can be provided in any state as long as they would sign up online through the Wells Fargo website. If you would read the promotional page, you will notice that the offer is exclusive to online signups only and cannot be availed of when you sign up at our local branch or over the phone with a bank representative.

Other Bank Bonuses And Promotions

In case you found out that you are not eligible to get this Wells Fargo bonus offer of $250, you can check back their website to see other offers and promotions available that you might be eligible for. Wells Fargo being the second largest bank in the United States is a well-respected bank and because of their clients’ continuous patronage, they love to offer bonuses and promotions to their existing and new customers.