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Government Phone Assistance Programs For Low Income Families


Phone Services have come a long way, from being a privilege back in the day to a necessity in today’s world, it has become a means to make everyday life easier. Cellphones provide a crucial connection to families, coworkers and friends and as well as best and most efficient methods of reaching emergency services if needed.

Since lives have been made easy on having a cellular phone handy it became a question as to why the government does not provide free phone calls at home at a pace that is more regular?

Government-Assisted Cell Phone Service at No-Cost


The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been mandated to extend a service that is supported by the government for people who are going through a financial condition that isn’t sufficient for them to support their own cellphone bills. This service is called the Lifeline Assistance which is given to those who are eligible and the beneficiaries will receive a mobile phone with 250 minutes or more. The data, however, may be limited or nonexistence.

Since the Assurance Wireless plan is paired together with the Lifeline Assistance there is a possibility of having an unlimited amount of text and talk time in the future and would be more popular among the cellphone provider because of the financial issues that have worsened in the past years, there are at least 12 – 15 million Americans who have enrolled in the program.

Back in the 1990’s the FCC originated the Lifeline program with the funding offered by the Universal Service Fund; a program particularly funded by fees coming from late telephone bills. The Universal Service Fund allowed the program to use these fees to offer discounted telephone services, or completely waived fees to American citizens who are qualified.

Basic Qualifications for Obtaining a Free Cell Phone

Are you already enrolled in a government assistance program?
Do you meet your state’s income limits?

Your answers to this two questions will determine whether or not your household will be one of those who will be provided with a phone. The phones that will be given are limited only to one individual per household, so if you wish to have any additional phones it will need to be purchased.

Features Included in the Phone

People who would like to get these services should know that they cannot pick the type of smartphone that they are going to receive. The brand and model of the phone that will be given would be selected from an assortment of old, refurbished cell phones that are generally a year or two behind the newer models. The recipients would have a phone that has either low fees or no fees at all, as such, they are expected to make use of the phones given without the latest upgrades that the newer versions of Galaxy and iPhone cell phones usually have.


Finding Out if You Qualify

As of now, there are 49 states that support the Lifeline Program, together with Puerto Rico and D.C. The plane and the cell phone devices are both handed out through a number of popular brands in the industry of mobile communications. Including names such as Assurance Wireless, Budget Mobile, and Safelink Wireless.

What You Should Expect

The services and the mobile device will depend on the company and the state where the services are provided. To see exactly what the company offers and what you can get out of it, you can do some research beforehand, especially if you are more worried about data limits. Since more Americans who are enrolled in this service are not concerned with the amount of the data that comes together with the plan, companies emphasize the talk and text portion more.

If you are eligible for a free or reduced cell phone in your state, or other government programs such as food stamps, Medicaid or cash assistance, there are higher chances that you will also be eligible in all other states and as well as to receive a serviced cell phone. Take note that not being enrolled in any of the programs mentioned above may affect your eligibility.

Lifeline Assistance can help you get the phone plan that you need to cover family communication, medical emergencies and call-backs from job interviews.

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