Johnstown Housing Authority – Johnstown, Pennsylvania | Waiting List: Open Now


Johnstown Housing Authority from Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania –¬†Waitlist OPEN Now from August 28, 2018, until September 18, 2018.


Please visit our administrative office at 501 Chestnut Street to obtain an application for housing.



Preference will be given to all applicants who have a legal residence in Cambria County. Applicants who are working or have been notified that they are hired to work in Cambria County are treated as residents of Cambria County. Verification of eligibility for Residency Preference will be documented at the time the family is selected from the waiting list.


Preference will be given to all applicants who are an active duty United States service member or veteran. This preference shall extend to surviving housedhold members of a deceased service member or veteran who died of service-connected causes, with stipulations.

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Phone: (814) 535-7771
Fax: (814) 536-1768
TDD: (814) 535-2711