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Section-8-housing help

Please read carefully all information regards the specific State/County/City you choose to apply in. Contact the Housing Authority (HA) of your choice via the provided link or find the HA contact from here. The programs are extremely oversubscribed and waiting-lists are often open for a very short period of time. Please note that each State/County/City has its own qualifications, rules, and instructions that have to be followed. If you have ANY questions, its always the best to contact the specific HA of your choice directly but you are welcome to send us an email with your questions or ask advice from our Facebook community that can be reached here.

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Do you need to check your credit score?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development does not check your credit when you apply for Section 8 rental assistance or other public benefits, however the property owner might do so as part of your background check. The HUD guidelines say, “the owners may reject an applicant for a poor credit history.” If you are worried about your credit, check your credit score before hand. Everyone is eligible for a free credit report once a year, some credit card companies allow you to see this information directly on their online platforms once you log into your bank account. The agencies that providing these scores are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You should never pay for your credit report.


Waiting List : Open Now

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