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Important: Check Your Credit Score!

Landlords can reject your rent application for bad credit!

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If you complete an application and you are granted a voucher, HUD still offers landlord an opportunity to look up your credit score and credit history. They have the right to screen for a good track record of paying bills on time and good rental history. It is within the landlord’s rights to deny or refuse to rent to you based on the information in your credit report.

Because of this, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you apply for your most recent Credit Score and Credit Report before you apply for low-income or section 8 housing, to make sure there are no errors on your record and to see how landlords will see you. You do not want any surprises on your report!

Taking the few minutes to check your credit report now will save you time in the future and avoid unhappy situations.
And remember – checking your own credit will NOT affect your score!