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Western Union Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – How To Get Your Money Back!

wester union class action lawsuit

Are you amongst the people that lost money through the Western Union between 1st January 2004 and 19th January 2017? You’re in luck because the Western Union and FTC have reached a settlement to pay back about $586 million to people that lost their hard earned cash during that duration.

During that period, scammers used the money transfer service to swindle unsuspecting people. If you fall into the category hurry and file a claim because you only have until 12th February 2018 to claim back your lost money.

According to FTC, Western Union was fully aware that scammers were using its system to scam people. The surprising thing is that despite several warnings by the US law enforcement, some of Western Union’s agents, and several International law enforcements, the company still kept on taking people’s money. FTC reports that they have over 550,000 cases of complains that are accompanied by evidences.

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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) will handle all the refunds or remissions, and here are some essential details that you should know:

1. Look for a claim form in your mail if you had earlier reported losing your money to either the FTC, Western Union or any law enforcement. Ensure that your forms are from Gilardi and co, the company that DOJ appointed to handle the cases.

You have the option of filling your claim online instead of sending back the form using the post office. Ensure that you use the PIN and the claim ID number indicated on the form.

2. If you hadn’t reported your loss or you don’t have a claim form, go to and launch your claim.

3. If you want to amend details of the initial claim such as the claim amount or want to put in a new claim, the system will ask you for documentation. Upload copies of the transfer forms that you used to send the money or receipts that you got from the Western Union agent.

Include as many transfer details as you can remember as this will help DOJ validate your information and strengthen your case. If you don’t have the documentation, no worries, just provide as many details as you can recall about the transfer.

4. The claim forms ask for your Social Security number (SSN). That’s because, before they can send you a check, DOJ is required to see whether you owe money to the US government. For that they need your SSN. That’s why we’re suggesting filing your claim on the secure website.

To protect your details, use the secure website


Please note that you do not require to pay anyone to get your money back. If anyone claims that they can help you get your money back, they’re trying to scam you. Also note that FTC will never make calls, and has not hired anyone to ask for either your bank or credit card details.

The only legit website that has the right claim forms and address is 
The DOJ requests for your patience as it will require about a year to verify your claim and pay back your money.

Please remember that you must file your claim by 12th February 2018, for the Western Union to pay your money back. Whether you have the necessary documentation or not, DOJ will use the details that you provide to verify your claim and pay you back.