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2 Open Housing Authorities & 2 Opening Soon

Do You Know YOUR Credit Score? Find out NOW!

Please read carefully all information regards the specific County/City you choose to apply in. Contact the Housing Authority (HA) of your choice via the provided link or find the HA contact from here. The programs are extremely oversubscribed and waiting-lists are often open for a very short period of time. Please note that each State/County/City has its own qualifications and rules that have to be followed. If you have ANY questions, its always the best to contact the specific HA of your choice directly but you are welcome to send us an email with your questions.

Waiting Lists Opening Soon:

Housing Authority Serves Opens Closes Check Details
Arlington Housing Authority Arlington, Texas 08/23/17 08/29/17 View Details
Scottsdale Housing Authority Scottsdale, Arizona 09/02/17 09/13/17 View Details

Waiting Lists Open Now:

July Openings are here: APPLY NOW

Housing Authority Serves Opens Closes Check Details
Westland Housing Commission Westland, Michigan 08/18/17 08/19/17 View Details
Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority Las Vegas, Nevada 05/01/17 08/31/17 View Details

If you complete an application and you are granted a voucher, HUD still offers landlord an opportunity to look up your credit score and credit history. They have the right to screen for a good track record of paying bills on time and good rental history. It is within the landlord’s rights to deny or refuse to rent to you based on the information in your credit report.

It is important to always monitor your credit score. If you use Free Score Finder you can see your credit history and get updates all the time. Click here to sign up, and check your credit report.


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